Our Story

Adhia Absar Arryman, Owner and President Director of Umara Catering discovered his interest in cullinary arts while living in Paris for eight years by looking out through french cuisines,it captured his interest from a very young age.

Adhia went through a period of study at Bandung Institude Of Technology majoring in industrial Engineering,and then law school at University of Indonesia.it is during his year studying Industrial Engineering where he lays the ground work of turning a catering into an industrial concept.

Through out his years living abroad, Adhia has experienced a first class dining services and with Umara Catering will share his experiences with you.


Our Menu

Nasi Opor
Nasi putih, Ayam bumbu opor, Oseng kentang daun jeruk, Telur Balado, Tumis kacang Panjang, Sambal terasi, Serundeng Kelapa , Kerupuk.
Nasi Umara
Nasi Daun Jeruk, Ayam Singgang, Paru Asam Manis, Lidah Balado ijo, Gulai daun singkong, Sambal bawang, Serundeng , Kerupuk.
Nasi Puteri Melayu
Nasi putih, Ayam bakar singgang, Rendang paru, Telur dadar padang, Tumis daun singkong honje , Sambal bawang, Sambal terasi, Serundeng, Kerupuk